Rise/Set The Daily Post

sunrise/ sunset

In this case folks I’ll be doing this chronologically; it’s a Rise first, specifically from on top of the Malvern beacon straddling Hereford and Worcester, I’m looking towards Worcester (East obvs, you jokers) I got up really early to drive the 14 miles to the car park and walked the mile or so up to the top just in time to see the rise. I couldn’t believe how many folk there were up there on such a morning, think I picked a good one. When the weather picks up, and it will because its bloody nearly April…. I want to get into my shorts. Did feel a bit odd without a dog mind, having lost my fat stinking beautiful choccy Lab Hovis a few weeks prior.


This is is a sunset I took when I was on a big walk around the Lake District in 2016, we went for 5 days wild camping and took all our food and tent with us. Didn’t see anyone for the first 2 days, then the crowds started to form like the clouds do and before you knew it Humans  everywhere. This was the first night, possibly around 7 or 8pm. We got away with the weather too, no rain till the drive home.


So what if it’s a cliche!


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