Friday Fictioneers: Injured Duke.

Thanks to GAHlearner for this prompt, you’ll have to give me a few minutes to dream something ridiculous up, these fairy tales/ nursery rhymes seem to be ever diminishing. We shall see!!

Many years of marching up to the top of the hill and back down again had left the Grand old Duke with multiple Nerve compression injuries to his knees and thighs.

His inactivity increased his weight and his ankles swelled; struggling to support him.

The 10,000 men were laid off and housed in back to back terraces, developing alcohol and drug problems, typical of endemic unemployment. Then the army uniform factory closed.

The Duke looked out from his bedsit, across the estate and factory, at the hill , and wept as his memory of morning sunrise over Flamborough from there gradually faded.


There it is 100 words on the nose! Quite a sad tale today, I’m not feeling particularly melancholy but it just seemed to fit. I’m not sure if it is possible to see Flamborough from York, but as ever I will take some artistic licence there!



  1. I had to google it, too. That was fun, what a sad development for the poor duke.
    Early posting: like Dale I try to do it early because I hardly get around to reading a fair share as it is. There once was the rule of ten posted: comment at least on the ten stories before your post and on the ten behind (and adjust when you’re very late). That way the middle gets some comments, too. The real secret is in commenting a lot and often, then you get many comments back, no matter when you post. When you comment often, people get to know you and seek you out.

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