October 1st 2018

Pinch punch, etc.


My youngest went off today to western Wales for a week of cliff jumping and rope climbing, if i’ve already mentioned that then please forgive my repetition, you’ll understand when you get to my age, etc. I know i’ve said that before but i need to tell you people so it sinks in; I’m preparing you for later life or earlier life if only someone would invent a time machine sometime soon. So as a result of his departing to Wales, I walked quickly and managed to get back to the house as Mrs T was starting up the car to drop him off at school, it just didn’t seem right to pop him on the school bus and carry on with out lives, starting on time for once! (that is what we probably should have felt but they were all so excited to go I really don’t know why we bothered, the trick will be to make time to pick him up when he’s tired and vulnerable and when jokes about his x-box being stolen, dropped into the sink, eaten by Benny, etc would probably be wisely avoided.

I missed my coffee. I missed my coffee on, of all days, international coffee day. This I learnt as I sat at home on my work PC compiling my expenses, trying my hardest to be as creative as I could with the radio playing in the foreground. I’m taking part in a Mori poll of Radio listening habits for the week, I’m a sucker for killing time, doing anything other than work, so when a friendly pensioner came to my door on a sunny day last week the temptation to chat in the sun whilst sat on the wall was too good an opportunity to pass up on.

This day, the first day of Autumn, the gentle breath of wind bringing colourful death to the wood, leaves falling as Floating Gold (you should check this blog out). The carpet of fallen leaves, still crunchy and light underfoot; with the rain brings the darker browns and lifelessness, stillness from the deciduous as the empty winter winds struggle to shift the heavy limbs of oak. Yes, on this day, I missed out on the coffee and swiftly wrapped the walk up, not seeing.

You will be pleased to see, Fungi fans, that I managed to snap another mushroom for a different angle, like a peeping tom looking under the skirt of a prima ballerina. To say we are all convinced we could eat some of these mushrooms is an understatement, I bet they’d taste lovely, there is a foraging person who comes to teach folk the way to identify safe mushrooms for consumption, I must find out when he/ she comes next.



The woods have a strange darkly muted green to them at floor level and so flashes of white and other colours really stand out, the brambles have seemed to have died back a bit so the woodland floor can be seen much more clearly. My eye is drawn, like a magpies, to the brightly coloured, or sharper contrasts.

N picked me up later on this evening and we drove to Go Outdoors to research wellington boots, the weather hasn’t turned yet, but it soon will and I for one will be getting my self some new boots for my birthday in November, just going to the shop tonight has got the welly juices flowing, and I’m still thinking French, “Aigle” this time; the poor mans “Le Chameau”. But with neoprene, not leather, i’d love to be able to afford leather lined one day, if we win the lottery, i’ll put them on the list; speedboat, landrover, Aquarius 7″ by Boards of Canada, a listening chair in the lounge and some great headphones, etc. We both have the same size feet and so N’s reluctance to try on, he sees the buying process as looking at and not really getting to involved, but from past experience, trying on is 60% of the operation, minimum, maybe nearer 75%. What they look like is important, but if you’re going to wear the things for many months in a row, they’ve got to be right. One thing for sure is the “Muckboots” we both had, have made up our minds regards that style of boot, the inside badly let us both down, i’ll say no more.

On a depressing note I watched an amazing documentary on the plastic problem we have made for ourselves over the last 20 years or so, it has grown to such epic proportions now, its really hard to know where to start. Micro plastics are in the food chain in the arctic, from the smallest plankton, to the walrus and many species in between. The plastic freezes and shatters in the extreme cold, fragmenting and tiny spots of plastic disappear onto the beaches and are washed into the oceans, unseen to the eye, whispering death, a catastrophic time bomb which is only relatively recently being taken seriously. It was on BBC and really you should check it out if you can. The facts are slightly less flippant that my Facts of the Day.



  1. Thanks for the promised shout out. I closed my eyes and imagine myself in the middle of the forest, with all those Goldie leafs falling around me. Pretty magical.

    Coffee day was TODAY? I thought it was on Friday, or something. I don’t drink coffee, but today I actually did have some. Pretty funny.

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