FOWC: Hardware

Haven’t done this for a while, yesterday I noticed it was Limit and was very tempted to recite the lyrics of 2 unlimited’s awful song “No Limits”. Thankfully you are spared that hideousness and I am spared having to see it everyday on my home page so I think we both had a lucky escape!

FOWC: Hardware

My friend and regular flora expert Dr S, has pointed out to me that he too has missed out on National Coffee day, not causing him too much heartache as he is not a fan (! pause for effect).


Anyway he seems haunted by the memory of coffee cake, the swirls of black and a little bit of white hard icing on top of a thick sugary brown icing; supposedly tasting of coffee. Eating a slice of coffee cake baked for me by Mr Kipling on a Saturday night, as I watched Basil Brush on the telly tell of “Dirty Gertie at number 30”, is a vivid childhood memory, but somehow the coffee cake transported me to tropical climates, to sun drenched islands, palm trees lining the sparkling turquoise crystal clear seas. Then I would look down at the brown carpet, across to the beige arm chair and the khaki green settee and I would be brought back down to earth with a bump as Basil leaned back,

“Hah hah hah hah… Boum Boum!”

Turns out everyday is a celebration of something, i’ve read it on the internet and it is true my friends. On this day whilst I am eating my scallops (national eat scallops day) I shall raise a glass to the prison officers (national recognise custodial workers day) and will occasionally look out of my lounge window and try to decide if my car is more Daisy or Dennis (national name your car day).

For any one who has a lot of time on their hands they could try and complete a whole blogging year, blogging about these national days, where they’ve suddenly all come from. For fucks sake, here is what tomorrow is, I kid you not but i suspect someone is taking the piss somewhere along the line. And in case you missed national coffee day yesterday then you could try to remedy it by having one with a police officer, it is after all National Coffee with a Cop (we say policeman/woman) day, It is also National Boyfriend day, I wonder if that applies to husbands too? I could probably wangle something (not a euphemism). When you have a problem with your Hardware and you speak to the IT department  be nice to them, and try turning it off and on again to appease them because it is National Techies day, and maybe your kids could walk to school because they are lazy and unhealthy or because it is National Walk to School Day. Finally, and the most important is National Pumpkin Seed Day! 

I have nothing more to say on that matter aside from eat seeds, they are good for you.



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