FOWC: Deliver

FOWC: Deliver


Our transport secretary has had a pretty shitty year i’d say; trains running late, trains not running at all, timetables all over the place, rail fare increases which he blames on the unions, millions of pot holes in the road and now this.

Today or possibly yesterday, it doesn’t matter its a mere detail in the fanaticism of this story. Due to the probability of there being a NO DEAL Brexit, which is when all the politicians go and hide during March and then come out after the dust settles in April and say whatever upsets the least people, so as they can look out for their own jobs and their own livelihoods, damn the rest of the electorate.

Anyway the Conservative MP known as Chris Grayling, soon to become illusionist and Magician has pledged to grant contracts to 3 ferry operators, who will be able to bring emergency supplies, medicines, etc on extra boats from across the Channel and mainland Europe in case of a No Deal Brexit, when “The Shit May Well Hit The Fan”.

“Well done”, you may cry, for having the foresight to plan ahead in case the government and opposition cannot get their act together to do what is best for the country, so far they haven’t and I doubt anything will change. So just in case they do “Deliver” a No Deal Brexit (deliver is probably a too literal word for this scenario, what they mean is “end up with” by doing nothing)

No, I digress, what is really brilliant about this ferry plan is that one of the ferry companies hasn’t got any ferries at all! Not one! It’s a magic company with magic invisible Tardis like ferries which can fly and teleport from all over the world to the UK. “Boaty McBoatface” shapeshifting ferries. It’s an absolutely brilliant idea, full of no holes like the ferry company which is full of no ferries.

Genius. Pure genius,

What we have here it seems to me is no better than the photo of a bag of dog shit strung up in a fence in the woods that I walk through daily, seen at the beginning of this post. Hats off Mr Grayling, I will be going on holiday this year and was looking for a magic carpet to take me there, I trust you can find me one…

If you don’t come from the UK and you haven’t heard of Brexit, please google it, you should be able to find it somewhere in a corner of the internet.


  1. I heard one analyst say that it was not a good idea to get rid of your PM at the same time the country is trying to transition to a new way of governing. It didn’t stop the people from booting her, which is my understanding. Now you have no leader and no acting government. That has got to be one of the most terrifying feelings there is for your people.


  2. Without trying to throw myself into the middle of the political debate – I am not surprised that none of the politicians are united on a subject that was something like a 49/51 referendum vote. I have got myself into the habit of switching off the news as soon as I hear the word Brexit. I saw an interview recently with the BBC news team assigned to Brexit…they said this is just the beginning and once the March 31st deadline has passed (unless it is extended) the real negotiations begin and will probably go on for another ten years! Nuts!

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    • I know there should never been a referendum , on a yes/no question because you are bound to piss someone off, in this case pretty much half the population, I watch the news occasionally and then turn off as its apparent that the whole thing is screwed! I’m probably like the politicians in a way, wishing it would all just disappear and perhaps it was all a bad dream…

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