Friday Fictioneers: Not so Magic Cat

Hey, hey, Rochelle its that time again, the rain has been relentless today and so to see a sunny picture from Europe I’m guessing, possibly Spain or maybe southern France, is wonderful. Thanks to CEAyr for brightening up a thoroughly miserable and damp day, roll on summer or even the warmth of Spring, Ive always had enough of the winter by March. But enough of my problems and on with the important business of making myself chuckle; if you guys like it then that’ll be a bonus!


On my Marks…

Get Set…


No wonder he always looked miserable, he had been sat on that gelastic scooter for hours closing his mouth, holding his nose and puffing out his cheeks until he saw spots infront of his eyes. He just couldn’t disappear anymore, far less Grin about it.

The Whiskers argument with his brother in Cheshire was insane;

“8 out of 10 cats indeed!”

Vowing to never speak to him again, hidden in a decorators van, the next thing he knew he was on a ferry to Biarritz with a bastard behind the eyes and the van awash with cat sick, magnolia and methylated spirits.


There we are folks, 100 words on the nose, I took my inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and the brother of the cheshire cat losing his powers of invisibility, I’m sure some of you may get the whiskers reference, many probably won’t, that, i’m afraid, is an accident of birth.


  1. As I watch the rain cascading down here tonight, I feel like joining the cat in a wee nip. However I fear if I did that I would definitely end up falling down a rabbit hole.

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  2. LOLOL, you had me so completely fooled with the infant of his eyes. I was wondering about that figure of speech, thinking all you anglophones crazy. That Cheshire cat sure has an interesting life. Fun. And I hear you on March, I want Spring now.

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  3. Seriously, between Cheshire the smoker (and we know there was some funny stuff in that there pipe of his) and his brother the drunk… parties must often include bastards behind the eyes…

    Hello? Spring? Are you coming any time soon?

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  4. Dear Shrawley,

    I’d never heard bastard behind the eyes but I got the gist of it. Apt description. One of those times when you can’t stand the crash of your socks hitting the floor. 😉 I guess every family has a black sheep…in the Cheshire family a black cat. 😉 Very entertaining. Little known fact, in one of our high school plays I played the role of Tweedledee. I got the role because I could pronounce “Contrariwise” and my equally short partner could not. 😉
    We’re waiting for winter to let go here. Enough snow already!



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  5. I must say the Whiskers argument went over my head. Though as always, delightfully whimsical. This kind of behaviour suits cats, oddly enough. My cat always looks like he has a bastard behind the eyes.


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