Fungi Sunday

Well, no other bugger is doing it. I’ve spotted a huge gap in the market and who’s laughing now? Mmmm?

So for all those Fungi Fanatics or Fungi Fetishists or Fungi Followers of even Fungi Families, lets face it this is the finest place to see Fungi photos on a sunday on the WordPress blog site, I should know, I’ve checked. You understand how I feel about lying on my blog; all 100% honesty.


Get stuck in you mentalists, love you all and as an aside,

“You are not authorised to steal my stuff you Bloody Bastards, just because the only creative bone you have in your body is twinned with your own sphincter. I’d suggest you Fuck off and try and learn to write yourself.”

A word of warning to my fellow bloggers, you are probably having your stuff stolen by these twats, but please stop here a while to admire the fungi, theres 2 for you lucky people today.



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