Akayaka and Kite surfing

Its astonishing how beautiful and how perfect this place is for Kite surfing, plenty of wind, a very long fetch back into the Agean Sea, next stop Kos. All the wind and regrettable plastic is funnelled down to the bay and so the beach displays a bittersweet windswept beauty cloaked in laminated fallen trees and a rippled sand dappled with muted colour.


I’d take it up, Kite surfing, but for a few issues outlined:

  1. I’m too stiff in the morning and feel like I need a thorough oiling to get going
  2. I’m skint
  3. I don’t live here
  4. I am easily cool enough to fit in here without too much awkwardness around the effortlessly cool folk



  1. Dom Amaze your self with a vibe of a lifetime.. You are cool enough .. do book for two half learning sessions as this will make learning kitesurfing .. if it is at all related to windsurfning — even more enjoyable .. do it .. sdo it .. do it .. and impress your self and all the beach!

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  2. tempus fugit you daft donkey… get as hi as possible on a kite .. and come back to your 2 designer watches with a memory of time amazingly spent¬!

    it all sounds great from rivers not to be waterboarded by the current to fisch restaurants whose bill u will remember for too long!

    travel safe M

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