FOTD: Red Catchfly

Guess what FOTD friends?

I’ve rekindled my relationship with the flower identification app which caused me massive embarrassment at a dinner party I hosted. I used it to identify some mushrooms which I had picked and was keen to serve to our guests. The app told me they were Sawtooth Oaks which sound harmless enough. I cooked the mushrooms in butter, garlic and Vermouth sprinkled a touch of parsley over the top and served with braised pigeon cheeks. Turns out the mushrooms were Death Angels, all my guests were sick overnight and by morning every one was dead. As luck would have it a huge sink hole had appeared in my garden a few weeks before so I threw them in there. My wife and I now call it the “Stink Hole” which makes us laugh.

Anyway enjoy it and never eat a mushroom from a cook who has ideas above his station!

Not sure if the app has this one right, but my dog ate it afterwards and he seems ok up till now.



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