Friday Fictioneers: Thats it.

Its Wednesday again, and today the usual FF prompt was not in the usual place, it threw me a bit, but i’m back, and it’ll take more than some odd internet goings on to stop this Fictioneer. Thanks Rochelle for sorting things out as per usual, you keep my week in order, this and Binday; if these two staples didn’t exist then I do believe the world would turn in on itself.

Thanks also to Trish Nankivel for the inspiring photo, one that will stir up emotions i’m sure. Lets see what happens in this corner of the web shall we…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


“Have you been at the toilet roll again? He shouted? “Fucking bitch” he mumbled under his breath.

“WHAT?”, she spat venomously, “Wanker” she muttered under her breath from downstairs where she was swiping left, right, right, right, left.

You could say things weren’t going well, as she heard drilling from upstairs.

What was he doing now? Him and his fucking tools, wishing he’d pay her as much attention.

Sitting down for a lazy piss one night, months later, he glanced at the padlocked loo-roll. “The straw that broke that particular camel’s back”, he huffed wiping a tear from his eye.

There we are, a story of an oh so familiar break up and all for the bargain count of 100 words! Sorry about the swearing, enjoy!



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