3rd Jan

fullsizeoutput_1008A power cut at stupid o’clock, puts an end to the glowing of the stand by switches and the phone, normally silent, starts bleeping, “I’m not connected to the electric”. Well, this is very irritating as it forces me;  stumbling through the darkness, to find the offender, rip out the batteries and attempt sleep again, with the howling outside.

The power cut, although short, interestingly enough, remained at the downtrodden end of the village, so coffee was taken at mine today. The road was closed by some tree surgeons waiting for the police to come to close the road again, so they could power up their chainsaws and carve up the fallen timber instead of watching the fallen timber. Meaning i couldn’t get to the chemist for some painkillers to calm my Ice Skating injury, meaning i’ll maybe risk a cream which i could have allergies to.

After a visiting tempest in the guise of Eleanor last night, fences down and branches  shot down arrow like to rest protruding,  gnarly from the undisturbed forest floor.

Very windy, like the end of the world, and there in the middle of it all, a very happy Collie dog with more sticks then she could shake a stick at.

Ice skating injuries don’t go away quickly, you’ll understand when you get to my age, those older can look on smugly, nodding and saying “I told you so”



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