Jan 10th 2018

IMG_1685“Hey there Mr Blue”

Today saw the sun issue forth and blue sky abound in the nicest weather thus far this year in my little part of the world.

There were also several issues of note:

A friend who shall remain nameless but also knows exactly who they are has taken a rather obtuse dietary decision regarding the consumption of Frog in the Bog (FITB) AKA toad in the hole. Last night my son, 10 years 5 months, cooked FITB for the family, the Yorkshire mix rose tower like in the fan oven and remained moist enough at the base, yet deliciously crispy at the top. This is not an issue to be dwelt on suffice to congratulate the young man. The disagreement has occurred regarding the accompanying sauce or lack of. I myself am an onion gravy man, all the way, some people may just have Bisto (which is barely fine yet I will accept it as a gravy due to it’s packaging) The real problem arose when it was revealed to me that my friend likes to have tinned plum tomatoes and NO gravy with his FITB. I really don’t know what to say about that, i cannot understand how it ever came to be and will leave it at that apart from to say i am mildly shocked and thoroughly disappointed.

Moving on It snowed in the Sahara today, which is just as mad as toast.

I double walked today, once with the gang and once 40 minutes later with my boss who was doing 1 to 1’s with his spaced out (geographically) staff. I think he is trying to get to know us and de-formalise things, it worked, we walked about 3 miles, the weather was ace and he said I could be on line for a very good year.

Hooray for me, yet there will be no expensive Cigar as there is not enough money in the pot for even a pack of 10 Bennies.

The Doorlickers of Dawlish were mentioned; regrettably I have no further information regarding this group.

My shelves to carry all my CD’s Records and Hifi have been built, I now need to do the tedious job of preparing them for painting and then painting them for the hardware. Thank you to all those involved, there are far too many to mention individually right here, so thankye all.




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