Jan 11th 2018

fullsizeoutput_1014I know i know, more filters, thats what they’re there for, to make me look a much better photographer than I actually am, but all the same things do look good in black and white.

Today we have a repeat appearance of the Dubious Fact of the Day featurette; you can check if you want but i’m not going to as I like believing in exciting possibilities, such as….

Women blink twice as much as men.

There you go, and what ensued afterwards was nothing less than a speed blinking experiment whilst walking, creating a stroboscopic effect like being back at a Ruff Woods rave, which, through a cracking slip of the tongue was christened “The Cider Effect”. Again I have no idea what it was going to be called but i think what it ended as suits rather well.

What happened later was sad and not my fault and it must have happened just as i was parking up to have coffee. Although I didn’t realise until afterwards by which time it was far too late. Viewers of a sensitive disposition must look way now.


RIP mouse.

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