Jan 15th 2018

fullsizeoutput_1018A weekend of gin, scooter malfunctions,  a jukebox, really hot underfloor heating, a cricket victory for England and a draw for Leicester, not to forget lots of fun with old mates. Interestingly for me (probably not for anyone else) the sat nav took us a different way down south and back home, i don’t wonder why really, i just have to accept it and move on with my life.

It was an uneventful ride back apart from the adults beating the kids in the motorway lorry game, and we got back just as the light had faded.

Countryfile predicted rain in the morning and so when it didn’t really happen until later it was a really enjoyable yomp through the wonderful woods of Shrawley, we talked about EVP, which i’d never heard of; ghosts record their voices on a tape player without you realising until you play it back later on. And more excitingly I think that flaring your nostrils may be controlled by genetics, it appears I can roll my tongue but not flare my nose in any way, its more of a twitch, like a mouse sniffing cheese.

Paint for the record shelves has been bought, who knew there are so many things to consider, for instance, acrylic based paint has oil in which may turn yellow after a time with a lack of sunlight (not too sure about that, could be a Dubious fact of the Day) any way I took the first can back to exchange after taking advice.

I’m of to bed to panic about my meeting tomorrow at work.



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