Jan 21st 2018

IMG_1709IMG_1707IMG_1717I woke up, it had snowed and was still snowing and so decided to ask around. I walked upto person A’s house, we then walked to Person B’s house via the pub garden to measure the fencing and assess its usefulness for our fence predicament (it’s old and falling down) negatory.

Person B was in his pj’s when we forced him to sort his shit out and walked off into the blizzard. Soon the snow was turning to sleet. We met a lady, person A complemented her on her eyebrows.

Coffee, mole, shed to sort.

Don’t wear crocs outside on the snowy, muddy grass as you will fall over and smash head on turf, shocked more than hurt really.

I cleared my sheds but seem to have more shit in them now than I did before, i’ve slipped in a low unit which i’m thinking i’m hoping to sit on when i’m doing stuff in the shed (!?) I hope it doesn’t get to the point when i have to hide away there, theres no wifi there so any paperback donations greatly received.

I cooked a lovely sunday lunch while my wonderful daughter cleared and rearranged the  kitchen cupboards to fuck with all of our minds whilst we listened to Taylor Swift and ate  deep fried potato peelings.

I’m so pleased with my audio wall, the place where all my music stuff goes, i will think of a name for it.

Please give yourselves the 8 minutes you need to watch this.


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