Jan 23rd 2018

God  I ache particularly my right hip, upper regions and weirdly my neck, right hand side also, i’m after a miracle worker to sort this out for me a Jesus type figure (any messiah will do).

Today as I drove in to work in rural Herefordshire I started to think about my fellow dog walkers, specifically the fantastic four, the four musketeers, the mega city four, et cetera ,  and whilst I wish them to remain anonymous a thought crossed my mind that it would make sense to call them by the initial of their first name, similar to Bond’s helpers back at HQ.

So may I present to you, ahem and with a drumroll… C,D,N and M, not necessarily in that order, but that is the order of the alphabet, which I use letters from all the time  and can recite from A to Z, even with my eyes closed or in the garden.

Incidentally C had to avoid the walk today due to work commitments, C was not impressed but the prospect of being attacked by a large dog as C went about C’s daily business swayed C into getting in a little earlier when Cerberus was restrained.

There we go, some housekeeping.

I met a chap in rural Herefordshire today who customises cars and brings old wrecks back into their former glory, nice guy, lovely dog called Bluebell, wasn’t too keen on my Hi-Viz, but did take the time to bring me her duck toy, well chewed and stinky, just how i like it. His pride and joy was “Brown Truck” which won a hill climb at Shelsley B the first time it entered, clocking up 120mph (about, i wasn’t really listening to be honest) And the car was from 1920 something (again my listening organ seems to let me down sometimes when important stuff is discussed) I dare say N would be interested in this man’s shed as I was too. It had a sink, some mugs and a kettle and cars all over the floor.

fullsizeoutput_101fToday the trees were alive with birdsong, and there is evidence of the green shoots of spring forcing their way through the stickiness of the woodland floor. I know this is what you nature lovers are here for, a record of the Shrawley Wood year. And anyway, isn’t nature wonderful? Yeah yeah yeah.

With this in mind i give you this tune.


I’ve also discovered that i can’t remember anything in any kind of logical order so if you do wish to see a grown man unraveling in a good way please check this blog out and tell your friends.


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