Feb 18th 2018

Where to start? How about here; a cautionary note. In the past I have mentioned that under no circumstances should dogs wear clothes apart from fancy dress. I am making an exception, just this once to share this, a photo of my fave collie dog, lets call her Mosty for purposes of anonymity, hats allowed.


It has come to my attention that a little bit of temporary sculpture had been added on Friday, by none other than the artist in residence, M, like rivers and tides the nature of this piece is transient but, none the less, beautiful, reaching skywards next to the monoliths refracting the twigs behind, a truly wonderful thing I think you will agree so well done M.


The lottery ticket buying has again fallen to me this week due to my success in buying the ticket which yielded 1 number last week, none the week before and so logic would dictate we are to get 2 numbers this Saturday, well folks i’ll let you into a secret, as it is Sunday and i’d rather nip this in the bud before the press gets hold of it, we didn’t predict any numbers, sadly, so next week one of the other 4 dog walkers will be in charge. To be honest with you great responsibly comes with this job and so I think we must choose wisely, it may not come to a vote on Monday because M is in the smoke and C is off for half term, I think N and D will have to decide on an interim person, before the official vote when all gets back to normal in a weeks time.

fullsizeoutput_105fBut see how nature and the modern world interact making a beautiful image of something not so. These tiny things are all around us and I feel that by doing this blog I am becoming more attuned to my surroundings, seeing things I possibly would have missed had I walked past before, that was so last year.

Friday really was a joy to behold, the crisp frozen morning with beautifully bright sunlight warming the ground making my days work seem a lot of fun, more so than it has been for most of the week so far. I’ve had a really blocked nose for the whole week, in fact I think it’s creeping towards 2 weeks now, next tuesday I shall see a doctor. I’m starting to suspect the G.Pigs may be causing this reaction in me, I may be allergic to (based on research by Mrs T), either the hay in the cage, or, the urine spores which they apparently are chucking about with gay abandon, the shits! We put them outside in their hutch for the day and I’m sure in my mind that I felt clearer headed. Who knows, when I can barely remember what happened the previous day, it makes it very hard to test some scientific theory. Spring is on the way though and so soon they will be outside again and they can take their urine spores with them.

We walked a different way on Saturday, not through the woods, but up to the top of the village past the old farm, past the sweary anti king of the village graffiti, most of it gone, sanded off or coloured over. N spent the whole walk talking in a very funny voice and I spent the whole walk in fits of laughter, foolishly inviting them back for coffee and continuing the hilarity! It really is the little things!

Saturday afternoon was spent buying food then preparing food for friends and children in the evening. 4 curries: Green Coriander chicken (Madhur) Jamaican goat curry (BBC food) Dhal with chilli and onion (Madhur) and butter chicken, from a jar but with added veg which i’d blended into a paste to give to the kids; courgettes, mushrooms and peppers all of which my son will not touch! That was, most definitely, following on from yesterdays unreported Leicester triumph, another Goal for Leicester. The fun didn’t end there though as we were unexpectedly visited by a friend of ours, lets call him Dr Smith. We had tea, gave his daughter some clothes and chatted, whilst the aromas of the curry wafted throughout the house, Dr Smith mentioned the house actually smelt like a curry restaurant.

Saturday night, the currys went down a storm, the goat especially delicious, lager, cider and gin, red, white and rose flowed and cards against humanity was played, some of the cards had to be thrown out due to the really unpleasant nature of them, who the hell comes up with these answers! There was an issue of the pronounciation of Arnold Schwartzanegger solved and we all displayed utter incompetence in accents of the wider world without everything sounding either Welsh or Indian.

Today my son and I went off roading in our wonderful woods, spending very little time on actual marked footpaths, we journeyed down to the hidden quarry displaying qualities similar to Angkor Watt in Cambodia; the trees roots seeming to be cradling the edges and squeezing the walls. We found some fungus which looked slightly like a bum. We desperately searched for deer and saw none but did see a fair few buzzards at close quarters. And finally before I go we discovered evidence of outdoor man previously living in a remote section of the woods, long gone by the looks of the camp. Not sure if I could find the place again.

As usual the walk ended with a pint and chips a bag of Maltesers and a bag of nuts and a spot of the winter Olympics. The more I walk, the more I realise I need a dog. Feel free reader to provide me with a working Cocker Spaniel, preferably brown and a boy.


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