March 5th 2018

It’s a sad fact that our lives seem to be governed by the ability, or in this case, not to be able to access the internet. Over a week has passed and we still have no joy in returning to the 21st century. Everyday my kids ask me have you fixed the internet and everyday I explain that No I haven’t, and that for Openreach to do so, they require a job number. My son always continues to press me for answers, and I end up getting cross. Essentially because someone climbed up a pole about 50m from my house, opened a box of spaghetti like coloured wires and fiddled with them. The offshoot being, that the new neighbours across the road in the refurbished ex-pub can spend their evening checking FB all over the house while I have to sit right next to the window where my phone gets a signal and check my WordPress here.

I’m very sorry I haven’t looked for any length of time at any new posts for a while and I am getting some sort of withdrawal symptoms. I wanted to act on some prompts but now I’m constantly thinking when the hell these bastards are going to fix my phone line. Oh yes, I forgot to mention; thats right, I can’t use the phone either! Mobile reception is awful in this village apart from if you’re in the woods where we seem to get super fast 4G internet (whatever that means).

So this is where I am, I have to stand in the corner if I wish to use the mobile phone, I have to sit next to the corner if I want to use my phone as a telephone. If I was on holiday this lack of internet would not be a problem as I could go to the beach or climb up the mountains or go on a boat. But this ain’t no holiday, it’s freezing cold, there  is snow on the ground, rain in the air and work to be done!

On the walk this morning the temperature had risen, the ground was pretty squelchy in the mud and crunchy, really quite loud on the hard frosted snow. We all had to speak up slightly to be heard. C has an interview tomorrow for a new job and so both N and myself tried to give her advice which amounted to not lying to the questioner, it’ll just open up a whole can of worms. And i had a whole blood orange to myself, no one fancied it. M couldn’t make it on the full walk but did walk down to the starting place to let us know that he couldn’t come today as the boiler was being filled with tiny little pellets and he was going to a kitchen exhibition later.

Question to ask at the kitchen exhibition, “Is Gran it?”





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