April 9th 2018

No filter on any of these; the green shoots of springtime finally. Horse chestnuts and bluebells, the wooden enemies are all over the place gradually preparing the ground for the symphony of blue bells, like tubular bells echoing through the forest. The Forests all over our lovely island, lovely but with shitty winters. The spring time and the autumn really float my boat, if I had a boat, in fact I did look at boats after hiring a shit boat one summer with friends. It was really awful, we picked it up one morning from a chap who lived on the edge of the race course in a house which flooded every year. The floors had been raised, and i’d met him a few times before as I walked my dog. He seemed to take the whole flooding thing in his stride, a new kitchen every time, the house full of de-humidifiers and fans to dry the plaster out. I suspect he had waterproof plaster. He had insurance somehow, someone covered him, he lived in a terrace of maybe 8 houses all on the River Severn, at the northern end of the race course. Below his house, were some concrete landing platforms where he moored his shit boatsIMG_6090

We took one called Tiedy (tidy) it was shit but got us 8 miles upriver and 8 miles back; very drunk on the way back after being bitten by the black rat, it’s how bubonic plague spread really! It’s also a type of vicious flat cider, deadly to the core; it makes a man stumble off a boat when disembarking and spill the remains of his packed lunch, and everyone elses from the cool box. We had to stop off at a pub on the way back to dispose of all our bottles in the bin. Silly us. So I would love to have a shit boat to cruise up and down the river, and maybe one day I will.


Today, was a good day; I learnt that my employers are incorporating something called career architecture, this is to simplify the categories of job description. Apparently there are roughly 1000 employees and 500 different job titles! Theres about 200 of us, maybe a bit less who have the same function and serve the same masters, jus we do it in different parts of the country, each one of us has our own little kingdom. So if you take us out then thats 499 job titles for 800 people. I don’t know whether to laugh or laugh. We all think we could do better but would we want to try to drag this water and silt filled dredger along the bottom, to try and turn it into a super buoyant dutch barge? Nah, don’t think so.

I had work to do in Hereford and a bathroom to complete the demolishment of before the end of the day, nearly did. M and C weren’t on the walk today, sadly. N was cross because I won the  first spotting of the bluebell competition. There’s always next year. I’m hoping to visit a forest with a carpet of wild daffodils in the next few days, you will, of course be the first to know.

Good night.

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