A-Z Challenge: My Theme; Adoption The Letter Y.


Would I do this again? Of course I would. Would I change anything about my adoption? Not at all.


fullsizeoutput_125eI believe that by being given the chance to search for and meet up with my Biological family is the greatest gift I could have wished for; it has helped me to answer the many questions I had been asking for years, questions which genuinely had no answers and answers to questions I hadn’t ever dared to think of asking. I sometimes wish that maybe I should have asked my folks to look inside the folder with my name at the top a little earlier on in my life, but then I don’t know what that would have accomplished. I guess it was the right time for me at the right stage in my life and as I have previously mentioned somewhere earlier on in the A-Z Challenge, I believe having my own kids made me want to search, to complete the picture of myself.

So my journey continues, I have, I hope, many more years of fun and games to come, I’ll grow older and possibly become a grandfather! Jesus thats a thought! One I’m not going to dwell upon. See you for Z and I apologise for the lateness of this post; I’ve been trapped in a holiday camp and have only just managed to escape back to the safety of my little home!


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