Thin, May 16th 2018

Don’t really know why I wrote this, I am in no way condoning such behaviour, I’ve got kids of my own and love them dearly but i do fear for the future sometimes. Feel free to criticise this piece, its one of the first bits of, I guess, flash fiction I have written and I realise it’s horrible but strangely compelling to do.

via Daily Prompt: Thin



“Daffodils; the home for the grotesquely obese”

Abandoned at birth or shortly afterwards and looked after for a long time afterwards and then left here to rot, to be picked up by someone else or to be “cured”.

All of the kids were under 10 years old and all of them had one thing in common, they were regarded as obese. The definition today is slightly different to the one we used back in the day. These days it was not a definition as such, but more of an opinion. If the parents of a child thought that child to be overweight and thus a drain on the family purse they could pass them onto the staff at the Daffodils; for a fee, of course. They were then “worked upon” and possibly “slimmed” then returned to the previous owners, no one had heard of a child returning, it wasn’t a place for good.

When they were not collected, and sadly they weren’t, then, well, they were literally cured. Fleshy protein food was abundant in the form of locusts or large grubs, street fried and served in tatty paper cones, but old fashioned cuts of meat, rump, tenderloin, fillet was scarce,  and some humans missed that. The previously grotesquely obese kids still had fat cells within the flesh and so the meat had a wonderful marbling, just like the meat from the olden days; the people used to eat beef back then, it wasn’t too different.

The large animals were no more than pictures on a flickering screen at a web cafe, the skies were full of flying insects and the buzz outside wasn’t that of the electricity generating stations but of the gargantuan swarms of flies, roaches and wasps by day and even thicker swarms of mosquitoes during the darkness.

The World’s crops were raped of their goodness by the plagues of swarming destroyers which abounded in the years of drought following the indiscriminate nuclear attacks and detonations, and thus the livestock which wasn’t contaminated or vaporised died of starvation virtually overnight.

The remaining disparate people of Gaia were fucked, thin and morally reprehensible, and I wished I were dead.



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