May 18th 2018


I’m not running out of subjects to photograph, or of stuff to discuss but sometimes I do think I may be shouting into the fog. Viewing figures have gone down and I need to read up on how to increase traffic which I remember promising to do some time back. It’s on the list of things to do along with buy speed boat, meet Beatrice Dalle and actually get to Laos this time without loosing my wallet the night before in a bar on Kho San Road.  These and other topics will be explored at length when I run out of natural history and silly tales of 4 folk walking the dogs, which I hope I never do and thus you will never hear those tales anyway, but look at what you could have won!

I’m pleased with this photograph of ferns unfolding; looks like some sort of Mantis and would not look out of place in a Ridley Scott franchise, if it was a bit darker maybe. M wasn’t on the walk today as he was visiting relatives in the smoke, so we 3 plodded along without him, the tragic news is that the Tadpoles have finally gone after a small blip in their death rates, all the puddles have dried up and insects and birds are getting a little interested in the tadpole cutlets on offer in abundance.

For the first day in a long time we had no workers in our little house, the bathroom very nearly completed we just need to order glass, which will cost a fortune on top of everything else. It was quiet and we will save a lot on tea bag usage! My daughter who is off to China in a couple of weeks wants a new phone as hers is due an upgrade; I’m not saying anything more apart from I don’t think any of us should ever shop for phones in shops any more, you can save a fortune, literally, on line.

Nuff said, Good night, I’ve a meeting at the slowest most antiquated company in the entire world tomorrow, Faxes and Pencil ledgers akimbo!

A’ Bientôt

One comment

  1. great to be back from the smoke especailly to hear the rest n relaxation room is nr complete

    good luck at “, I’ve a meeting at the slowest most antiquated company in the entire world tomorrow, Faxes and Pencil ledgers akimbo!”

    ” ca-va “


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