May 30th 2018

That’s right the Big news of the day involved us all getting up very early, before 6am for 2 of us, 1 stayed in bed on the phone until 6;30, the other got up and made tea for everyone. I know this because I was one of the 2 protagonists and I didn’t have my phone next to my bed. The reason to get up at the ungodly hour, although I can not tell a lie either the birds or the bladder wake me up at sparrow fart these days, the difference being I can empty the bladder and ignore the birds as I slumber further.

Today my daughter of whom I’m immensely proud has gone to China, aged 14 on a school trip! And she paid for a third of the cost just about, because she’s got a job in a cafe and a job coaching Gymnastics in her old gym, so it seems that she has a larger disposable income than I have sometimes! Anyway she worked hard at school and behaved meaning she would be invited on the trip as she’d expressed interest about a year ago. And here we are, with one family member having just passed over Mongolia, having just side stepped Ulaanbaatar which is, here it is another undisputed fact of the day; home to the most remote record shop in the World until someone can prove otherwise. Anyway using some airline tracker we can now see she is a little over an hour from Shanghai! This is nuts, I’ve never been to China for all the tea in China, and wonderful daughter is about to touch down onto Chinese soil.


Instructions were as follows;

Take photos, Keep in touch (its very hard to find true wilderness these days), Write things down, Look at everything with your eyes wide open, Oh and don’t be a Dick, people don’t like Dicks.

I imagine when I finish this she’ll be touching down for a noodle breakfast.

I had to drive down to Bath where 2 of my work pals were leaving, they’d hired a train carriage on an old steam railway which went up and down and up and down and up and down the tracks for about 3 hours, there was a fine banquet, drinks and brilliant speeches for an ex-boss, oh how I miss Pete and for that matter Niel, they were two of the good ones.  One retiring mate, had been working for the company for 46 years! He’s living in Chipping Sodbury and was wandering what to do to replace life in the Mapping world, he wants something exciting, something outside, something risqué. I suggested the Chipping Sodomy society, at least he won’t have to move. The other mate had been there for 45 years I think and so 91 years of experience vanished in a blink of the eye. One of my other mates, still there and has been working for 51 years and counting; he wants to get to 55!!


My overriding thought today was how much more traffic there seems to be everywhere, on the way down we touched upon how little we piss in hedges and gateways so much now, theres always a bloody car driving by, even in darkest Hereford. That is what work time walking meetings are about; we had to arrange a walking meeting before the train excitement in order to appease our lords and masters upon high, Dicks.

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