June 11th 2018

This is Hattie, “Oooooh that Grass is sooo good!” She is seemingly in a state of absolute bliss, which is pretty much the exact opposite of how I felt this morning. Waking up at 4am, the birds singing and me suffering cold sweats then shivers then stomach cramps, far too many visits to the toilet. To say I felt rough is an understatement, I stuck to beer on Saturday and cider until about 4pm on Sunday and yet have a very sore body. It may have had something to do with the Bungee run, I feel like I’ve been assaulted.


Back to business today, well the walks don’t stop and the plants keep on growing regardless of if I stop writing about them or not. Just because I bought a packet of rolling tobacco and started drinking in the balmy Worcestershire sunshine at noon on Saturday, I now feel bad and very much an obligation to scrawl at least something down. I have no idea what the topics of discussion were today, I had a protective layer of Hat and sunglasses on so was pretty much impenetrable. My daughter arrived back from China too at 10am this morning so both Mrs T and myself had a slow day, picked her up, gave her loads of hugs and listened to her excitedly told stories. I’m so proud of her; 2 weeks travelling to different places pretty much non stop, taking in the forbidden city, Beijing, Shanghai, the terra cotta warriors, the great wall (her fave) to mention but a few. I’m hoping this will give her the travel bug now.

M had a menacing looking visitor this morning to his shirt collar, we flicked it away, no one was hurt.fullsizeoutput_13e2

And lo and behold the honey suckle is coming out on the “Doesn’t matter” stretch of the walk, such a beautiful plant. Christ I’m getting wistful, and struggling to write anything interesting so I’ll leave it for now, and speak to you  all later on, I should be somewhere back to normal by then.fullsizeoutput_13e3

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