June 12th 2018


This line appeared in the Oilseed Rape today, very mysterious, and a phenomenon I’d rather like to remain a mystery, at least to myself, N mentioned a vehicle had probably driven down which quite literally shattered my dreams. I’ve been so busy at work today I’m having trouble remembering what happened on the walk this morning, there was a bit more Black Lace chat due to M’s fixation with the stuff at present. I’m sure it’ll pass, as long as we don’t keep feeding him Lace suggestions.

We did go back for coffee and M tried to pour the boiling hot water from the kettle into the coffee jug, like a too big for his boots cocktail waiter might do in a swanky expensive cocktail bar. But, do those such waiters use scalding hot water in their bottle gymnastics? No, they don’t because they are living within the  narrow confines of their job a whore to the requests of drinkers, they are not free and they probably never will be until they too can pour boiling water into a coffee jug without spilling a drop. Of course neither can M, and he demonstrated so by spilling the water all over the kitchen. It made us laugh, and N will correct me if I’m wrong but the migration of the tea and coffee making area to the other side of the kitchen was not a good idea, only bad things will come from it. I’d draw you a diagram if I wasn’t so upset by the change. M went away  to Tenerife, came back but 5 days later and all hell had broken loose in his house, Anarchy in the kitchen, now there is no little alcove for M to lean in when making the coffee, he has to cross from one work surface to the other to access the sink. It’s a really badly thought out design, in fact it’s not thought out, it was thrown together by some sort of enormous butterfly flapping its wings in a Chinese tea shop which might have produced the chaos in M’s kitchen.

I’m bushed, see you tomorrow, really good day tomorrow.


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