July 3rd 2018


As I’m earning so little by putting my self out at work to make my lords/ladies and masters/mistresses shit loads of cash I thought i’d pretend i’ve got my own little company which this blog is part of. I thought I may start to employ people and pay them in magic beans or some crypto currency which I am going to name Batcoin after my dog, Benny’s ears. Well, its as good reason as any and it, like the beans, is also magic.

With this in mind and magic on my side I am going to start employing, there’s not going to be any job interviews its all going to be extremely big business bollocks and cut-throat action. I need a naturalist and I have the perfect man/woman in mind, his / her name (to protect anonymity) is Dr S. In the few weeks Dr S has been following or reading this silliness he/she has provided me with many answers regards the name of flowers and answers concerning the physical construction of animals present. He will be known as “Dr S. Master of Flora and Fauna” to give him his official title.

For that reason; “Dr S. You’re hired” which is the catch phrase of a ridiculous business man in England and an even more ridiculous business man across the pond, who is now in charge! So for me and my batcoin, maybe world domination is not entirely impossible.

I’ll be racking my brains as to who else I could hire or fire in the coming weeks.

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