July 4th 2018.


Independence day, but not here. Today was back to work day after a long weekend off and also waking up between 4;30 and 5;00am for the last 5 days since the dog has arrived.

Today was bloody hot and as I went to see a very particular site manager to sign in before I went on site he told me that not only did I need to wear gloves (he provided last time), I did my part by not losing them and bringing them from underneath my car seat which is where all the important shit I carry around is kept. He told me that unfortunately unless I had a specific risk assessment, blah blah bollocks, then I would need to wear trousers too. What are they keeping there, ebola?

Today has been very tiring and tomorrow I’ve got a multiple choice test which I have not revised for, the question is; Do I need to? It’s multi choice, if I put (A) for everything theres a good chance I could score more than a monkey could using the laws of probability. However if I try really hard I could score lass than the monkey, as I did in a physics test many, many moons ago. In a way I’m proud of that feat, if nothing else its great for breaking the ice at parties.

Just while I remember, new employee and Master of Flora and Fauna, Dr S has some scientific facts for all you lucky science fans; the pretty pink flower is called a Mallow or if you are from the distant past then it is called Malva. Dr S has also corrected me in the preservation of his anonymity by using the word “his” thus giving a clue to his gender, keep thinking people.

Today I have let Benny off the lead for the first time when I walked with the Ministry, he bloody loved it, kept running off and then returning, I must get some dog treats to reward that sort of behaviour, maybe they’ll work for the kids too. No as soon as a new chapter started another one has begun, was it Ferris Bueller who said,

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

How very true that is, anyway I’m in a rush to get to bed and having just listened to an excellent documentary about one of the finest electronic pioneers there has ever been, here’s the link, not sure it’ll work overseas but google “Aphex Twin, BBC Radio 4”, that should get you there if this link doesn’t.



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