August 2nd 2018

Pinch punch… Doh! Missed it, a day too late.

Anyway as I’m a day too late for that then it won’t matter that i’m a day too late with my gratuitous photo, so people of a nervous disposition might want to look away now…


It’s a mole people, a dead mole. A dead mole which  found in my dog, Benny’s mouth after he found the dead mole on the ground at the entrance to the woods, the alternative thing for him to find on this particular day was a pile of I’m guessing sick, or at least regurgitated food on the stile on the entrance to the woods. Both are repulsive but if you asked me ti chose; I’d have the mole every day of the week. I will never understand the need and compulsion of dogs to shovel down as much shit they find on the floor as they can. Me and the dog are cut from different pieces of cloth, as the saying goes.

Funnily enough, during the course of the working day, which I actually do, contrary to what Mrs T may think, I had to survey this guys house, to put it on the map. We got on famously within a minute and I asked him if he could tell me what his house would be called as so I could annotate the thing, “Mole Manor” he replied. I laughed, and found this hilarious as I assumed he knew  and then asked him if knew of Viz , Roger Mellie and specifically the Profanisaurus. I told him he should google,

“Theres a mole at the counter”

Almost immediately having started this conversation I had regretted it and was hoping the stinking slurry pit opposite would swallow me up. at this exchange, he told me he was going to call his wife to sort this once and for all; will Mole Manor become an address on the (my company) database.

So two moles in close proximity to each other, that’s a good thing, people need to be more tolerant.

I worked my last day for the man today, I feel the need to get away, the company I work for is making it harder for employees to enjoy the work and thus make a good job of it, I don’t think they care much about us anymore. Shock horror.

Anyway my mind seems to be on other things. There was a Psychic in the pub tonight, It doesn’t  make it any slicker,



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