August 5th 2018

Well readers, I may be disappearing for a couple of weeks as I’m off to spend a shed load of money on fun things on our family holiday to Bulgaria. Never been there, there was, before now, No Need.


When I was in Wales with my sister and family a few years ago we visited a place called Morfa Ganol, you may have to excuse the spellings, The holiday was in a group of converted barns in the middle of no where, about a mile walk across the windy clifftops to the nearest village which I forget the name of right now. We had visited this place around 4 times and so knew the area pretty well, we had always travelled to the village, which I remember was called Llangrannog; it had some great pubs and a wonderful beach and there was no need to travel anywhere but. The owner of the farm had lived there for most of his life and so we thought he would be pretty clued up about the local areas.

One day we asked him if there was a pub in the village in the other direction about a mile as the crow flies from his farm up the coast called Tresaith.

“I think there is, but it may be more of a restaurant now, see”

“Oh ok well it looks like its on the beach according to the map so it must have pretty good views and the autumn weather is ok, we can wrap up and sit out side.”

“No, never been there.”

“Where, the pub?”

“No, Tresaith”

We both looked at the wonderful old farmer, mouths open!

“What? You’ve never been to Treasaith? Just a mile or so from here?”

“Well, there’s no need!”

And with that he turned off and walked up the hill toward one of the working barns.

That was how he left us and it made me think what type of a man would not travel the mile or so to Treasith, ion there was no need to? Everything he needed was in Llangrannog and a supermarket in Ceredigion, so what indeed was the point? For us Bulgaria really wasn’t on the map until February when we booked the holiday, and so we  now have an adventure stretching out before us for the next 2 weeks. And for this reason, there may not be a regular blog, although I’m sure they have the internet, and so I’m sure I could squeeze a few in, especially the Friday Fictioneers, which I am fast becoming addicted to!


So I’ll bid you all Au revoir, which is definitely the incorrect language to use, but I imagine this French is a pretty well understood and so i’ll keep it at that.


We said goodbye to our wonderful house guest Hattie, and our beautiful young pup Benny this evening as they have been transported up to C’s house who will be looking after them for the next 2 weeks. We will all miss them very much.

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