Cee’s Flower of the Day

Cee’s Flower of the Day

Couldn’t resist this one! I’m on holiday and spotted this by the side of a Bulgarian main road. I as usual have no idea as to what it is, but I’ve got my resident Bottom expert Dr S. on the case. Good luck.



  1. HI Dom

    BEFORE THE GOOD DOCTOR speak in latin to us why7 not ask the audience for their naming ?

    i propose it is a pineapple,paRROT, CONE PLANT lesser lesser well know of course.

    great hol pics well done u all


      • Yes, they have lots of berries that the birds absolutely love, just as the birds also love holly berries. I’d say that the rowan berries are more of an orangy-red than the holly ones are. The trouble comes for birds if they eat too many berries of any kind that have fallen off a tree or shrub and started to ferment, as the birds can get very drunk — sometimes fatally so!


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