FOWC: Resonate

FOWC: Resonate


I lay there, absolutely twatted. I’d been through, tonight, what people had told me about before; the K-hole, and was emerging through to the other side, to where I had no idea.

The fireworks were the last thing I remember seeing and they were the first thing I remember seeing. Darkness still held firm and in the sound dimension I heard a tune:

“Resonator, resonator, resonator, resonator….”

Underworld were still on, i’d been out for what felt like hours but what was probably just a minute or two. My head felt fat and sweaty, and my socks were twisted, uncomfortably spiralled down by my ankles as I had rifled through them twisting then to get to the bag of mystery crystals, left in my car months ago after the last big blow out.

My cigarettes were damp, the packet fingered until the card split, I held one out to the sparkling sky, put it into my mouth and chewed the filter, gurning like a nutcase.

“Anyone got a light?” I thought I’d said as my tongue tried to lap at my lips and my teeth tried to chew my lips off.

This should probably be turned up extremely loud.


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