FOWC: Balance

FOWC: Balance


Jeff Bozo earns £8 an hour, in  his lunch hour, he has a meal deal of lobster Thermador sandwiches, a cup of gold blend coffee made form real gold and a bag of Wotsits. His breath stinks after his lunch hour, thats why all his employees cower and lower their heads averting their eyes as he trundles by on a Segway made of rubies. He’s got amazing balance, you have to if you want to ride a Segway. I tried it last weekend and ended up lurching forward and jerking backwards, its harder than you think.

In Jeff Bozo’s house he has 4 sleek Dobermans roaming the back garden, he has to keep the side gate shut otherwise they’ll run into the front garden and may get run over or attack a small child. Those dogs live in a Kennel which is as big as a garden shed but with 2 floors, (it could be an old Wendy house) so they can see over the picket fence into Bill Gates’ allotment. Gates loves growing fruit, especially Victoria plums as he thinks they are the juiciest plums.

Gates has a shed on his allotment where he has an electronic hook up which he can boil a kettle, sometimes Jeff Bozos comes through the gate into Gates’ allotment to have a drink. But he only drinks fruit tea and Gates says,

“Sorry I’ve only got builders tea”

And Jeff Bozos says,

“But look at how much fruit you’ve got growing in your allotment”

And Gates says,

“I know but I don’t know how to make tea with fruit, I usually take it home and we make a smoothie. We’ve got a smoothie maker at home you see.”

“I know” laughs Jeff, “I delivered it”

“Thanks” says Gates, and they sit down for tea.




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