September 30th 2018.

If my maths is correct this is 271 days of this shower of nonsense and shows no sign of letting up. Usually I write in the evening, sometimes in the day time, very rarely in the morning. The morning would possibly be the most productive time, but would need to be really early and I would have to dovetail with my proper job. I say proper job but drawing squares on a map is more like a hobby which I have fallen very deeply into and see no way out; theres worse ways to earn a crust I guess.


If you are into insect porn, its niche I know, but there will be folk into Bee’s Bums or the bum of a bee, so here is a snap of a bee burying himself deep into a flower, I think its Himalayan Balsam, the scourge of our woods, it spreads like the clap in a brothel and we are encouraged to pull the stuff out from its roots and trample it before it flowers to prevent it spreading. It really spreads, taking over and covering the ground so magnificently, its beautiful but tiring.


The weekend has flown by, 10 year old son is off to Welsh Wales with school for a week of gorge jumping, rock climbing, canoeing and other such shenanigans, we are taking the time to visit the cinema and possibly might be able to squeeze in a meal out, without any children or as I like to call them, hangers on. N’s son has been at Uni for a week now of solid binge drinking and flirting and why not, Christ, Freshers week was insane when I started my course at the university of Mucking about!



Another shot for the fungus fans, and a tunnel never previously discovered by my self, everyday I can see something new in my wonderful woods.

There were these 2 buzzards flying over my house on Saturday evening about 6pm, that’s it, not a joke, but a glorious thing to behold as they screeched looking to find small enough animals to carry off to their lair.


N, a braver man than I, negotiated this fallen crossing, I managed about 6 feet and had to bail, it’s my balance, its to do with a disturbance in the Hammer, Anvil and Stirrup.

Watch this, it may well change your life.


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