It’s my first time, please be gentle and thank you Jade for the beautiful photo. Here goes…

Colin and Brenda walked up towards the front door.  She looked up at the steps and Brenda’s face dropped,  her pulse began to race and she started to breathe heavily.

“Bren Dear, what’s the matter?” asked Colin, realising and regretting as soon as he posed the question.

She was starting to sweat and was gripping his hand tighter and tighter. Her hand was starting to slip with sweat on his wrist but she dug her nails like tines into his flesh. 

“I’ll, erm, replace the window pane and I’ll repave the steps”, he was playing for time.

Brenda was shaking now, grip tightening and an odd gurgling sound emanating from her throat.

A spot of blood dripped from Colin’s heavily scarred wrist, and he grimaced.

There we are; 125 words, not sure why I wrote that, more like a stream of consciousness really!


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