December 13th 2018


An early morning walk in the dark, and no I won’t be going in the woods in the darkness unless i’m with someone, i think I’ve walked back from the pub a few times in the dark, through the woods, the courage of Hereford Pale Ale egging me on. But in the mornings, before sun rises, Nah, it’s not for me. I walk briskly up the field next to the woods and then cut across another field, towards a solitary oak tree, where I can hop over the fence, then 2 more small fields and the road home, to tea and buttered toast in an ideal world. Problem is the kitchen is being painted and so all the units are sticky with oil based quick drying gloss and the woodwork damp with the same. I’ve kind of stressed myself out and thus everybody else in the last few days by my Mussolini like proclamations, that NO ONE shall come in to the kitchen because they can-not be trusted to not touch any thing. This was the second night of moving around the kitchen with all the cupboard doors open and all the drawers agape, and trying to cook something to eat. Last night a Muntjac winter stew, which was incidentally delicious, tonight it was too much and so i buckled and Mrs T bought us all a curry, which we ate in the lounge and my son spilt on the sofa.

I’m pretty happy go lucky regards clutter but when we have whole rooms out of bounds and the property of room A being temporarily planted into Room B, then i get a little tetchy, close my self down slightly and avoid everyone until the sun comes up, trying to get through the chaotic days of room substitution as quickly as possible and I apologise to my family for this, especially Mrs T; love you.

So tonight at the curry house, I was telling how we had just made a trip to the expensive garden centre to spend £45 on a Christmas tree and stand, a tree that will be thrown out in 4 weeks, a daily cost of nearly £2. On the face of it that doesn’t sound that bad and I now realise that frivolous spending is in fact a good thing. Anyway I was telling this story to the chap at the curry house, i’ll call him J (I know his name but it is to protect his identity) and I said to him,

“Bah Humbug, like Mr Scrooge said”

He then said to me

“Is he from Germany”

I looked confused and said,


He said,

“…in Hamburg”

We both laughed and then started talking about evolution and scientific evidence, he told me that science, like religion is just a load of hypothesises and so can-not be taken as gospel (I made a joke). Any way I’m not sure what angle he was coming from, but I think he may be a conspiracy theorist.

So the tree is up, looking amazing and decorated by the two wonderful ladies in the house, photo tomorrow, tree fans. I went again to Newport, worked for a while in the blistering cold, then the tablet I was working on (No, I’m not a stone mason) started yo act all weird and I had to retire to the heated car seats idling the engine to warm up, i know I shouldn’t do it but it is important for me to be warm, otherwise maps will not be made and no one would be able to get anywhere, shops will be looted, riots will ensue and the streets will burn, not just in Newport but all over Northern Herefordshire and Malvern.

So I drove to a god-forsakenly bleakly beautiful place, a place which I would like to visit for a short time to take in how terribly moor-like it is in water form; the Bristol channel a dirty rotten dangerous watercourse. The place was Sudbrook, there is a very old remains of a medieval church on the headland looking out across to England from Wales, the bridge wouldn’t have been there then, obvs! So that is where the photo is taken from. And this ruined church looks like a mouth, shouting out to the estuary,

“God its fucking freezing!”



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