Friday Fictioneers: Moon jumper.

Thanks to  Douglas M Macllroy for supplying this intriguing photograph, looks like someone is planning something truly global!! Best get my usual thinking cap on before I tackle this one.

Thank you also to the Supreme Rochelle who never ceases to amaze, I hope you enjoy!

The Cat’s musical fiddling birthday had started well.

The provision of a black treacle cowlick laced with weapon grade LSD probably wasn’t such a good idea as the cow had left from the 22nd storey window thinking he could jump over the moon.

The Dog found this hilarious, laughing so much he choked on his tongue, and drowned in his own vomit.

Passed out, the twitching and purring cat roused a drug addled Dish and Spoon; seeing the carnage before them, fled the flat running down the stairs because that cat had covered the walls of the lift in lard.

There we are, its a dark one this week i’m afraid and its the latest i’ve been for a while; bad week at work see. Anyway I connected the moon on the bucket with the Cow jumping over it, tenuous I know but what can you say?

Oh dear, it is now Saturday in the civilised world, so I think I have probably failed this weeks FF.

Sorry Rochelle it will not happen again, I bet i’m up in the 90’s!!

But on a positive note, I used all 100 words, to some effect…

Good night


  1. Hey.. you’re only at 71… and we don’t care what number you come in at, as long as you come in!
    And Yeah… couldn’t fit the diddle in there, eh? No matter. Love where you took this.

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  2. Dear Shrawley,

    I guess the cat was too busy to fiddle for the cow this trip. I should’ve known it was drug related all along. How else would a cow jump over the moon? You crack me up every week. Dark shmark, it’s still entertaining.



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  3. I know how you feel, I am not exactly over the moon this week with lots of demands on my tim. Some people just need to be spoon fed, my side not yours. At least the cow had an idea, and should sue NASA for stealing it, unfortunately there is no law that protects whacky ideas.. Fun read.

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