December 18th 2018

Still mild for Christmas, torrential rain today, sunny tomorrow and the fungi keep on growing.IMG_4496

This one is for you C, as I know you’re a huge fan, bigger than you realise and I think when the proper cold sets in you’ll be pinning for them, like a Norwegian pines for the Fjords. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

It was number 1 son’s last carol service until big school which means last carol service ever, until of course he feels compelled to show his face at his kids school carol service and so it goes, with ever decreasing numbers, today there were 3 of the boys in his year, and a handful of girls. Illness, atheism or laziness? I know there is a fair bit of Illness around, I’m not sure about atheism but I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of lazy people there who maybe don’t give a shit. I’m not in the least bit interested in the church, but I love the buildings, I’ve respect for people and I believe in a sense of duty to my son; he likes singing and he might remember his last carol service, he might remember it happened.

Today at the ministry, 2 absent due to illness and parental visitations, 2 walked, D and N, we walked the wrong way round, up the “it doesn’t matter”track, took the first right up the hornet’s nest in tree trunk track, and back down the official walk into the woods. It felt weird but slightly naughty, but as we walked down the steepish hill we usually walk up we noticed a large fallen bough, across the path. It could have killed either C or M if they were with us. Myself and N are like the ninjas of the woods, agile to a tee, able to leap from danger of falling detritus, be it on a building site, a wood or a rock concert.


I believe somehow that N, as our resident psychic expert and possessor of the powers, probably saved our lives, don’t tell him I said that; he’ll want a higher profile in the walks and might want to advertise here. This will not happen.

Night night, I’ve just finished watching Die Hard 3, it’s late and I need my bed more than you’d believe.

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