January 2nd 2019

fullsizeoutput_18c9Today is the anniversary of my Blog, theministryofshrawleywalks, I started exactly one year ago today having felt compelled to write about ice skating at a massive garden centre, where we all shuffled anti-clockwise around a ram packed rink for pleasure and many £’s.

I have written mainly about the woods and conversations I, and my 3 friends walk around and talk about on a daily basis. I’ve really enjoyed doing it. I started to take part in a few challenges and prompts and found this a challenge at first, then an absolute joy. Now days if I struggle to come up with a Friday Fictioneers post before close of play on Friday, I become edgy, and get clammy hands, my heart races and my teeth fall out. It’s become somewhat of an obsession, which I have to thank Rochelle for. My posts are in my Blog, they all take a bastardisation of children’s characters theme and I enjoy doing them, today’s features the Jack and the beanstalk and the magic porridge pot, check it out!

I take photos of things that interest me, and if people are shot (photographed) I blur the faces to protect their identity. I use my mobile phone, which is an iPhone 7 plus, which until a few months ago thought was an iPhone 6 plus until my daughter put me straight! I use the filters on my phone sometimes, thats what they’re there for and they make bad things look good.


I’ve posted nearly 400 times with varying success, depending on what your view on success may be, and have written over 150000 words in this time, I don’t know how many photographs, but maybe up to 1000, could be more, I have no idea,  i’m not going to count them. At the end of every day to day post I put a youtube link for some music, a tune that I have listened to that day or sometime in the past, never in the future.

I haven’t got an index, I haven’t got the time to do that, you just have to dip in where you think and take pot luck or become a stalker and read everything I have to say. I’ve a family who I love dearly and who will not tolerate my spending too much time on this when I should be hanging out with them, which I understand completely.

So I’m giving myself a hearty slap on the back and congratulating something out of nothing, for me and if it raises a smile or piques a bit of interest then I am grateful and it makes me happy to do so.

I am humbled by people who make comments on my posts and I am sorry I do not make comments to everyone on their respective blogs, it could take over your life, literally.

So in summary i’d like to say,

“My name’s D, and i’m a writer”

Happy New Year to all involved, and may 2019 be whatever you wish it to be, and thank you to all the blogging chatterboxes i’ve met over this past year, it’s been a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Apologies if I’ve posted this tune before.

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