FOWC: Forgive

FOWC: Forgive


Latest news from the ferry company with no ferries, which has been handed a £14m contract to bring over emergency supplies from Europe in case of a NO DEAL Brexit, it the magic invisible ferries.

Turns out they still have no ferries and £14m but now the press are having a go at their Terms and Conditions which apparently have been copied and pasted from a takeaway restaurant and mention, meal satisfaction and delivery times. These parts of their T&C’s have now been deleted and it has been revealed,

“They were posted in error”

No shit Sherlock!!

This is the story that keeps on giving and I for one as a representative of the electorate and the entire British nation am willing to Forgive; we all are. I really cannot see this company getting much further, but I really hope they do. What else can we expect? The packaging for “Chanel No5” perfume being cut out to make “Chanel Ferry” badges, spelt incorrectly but accurately describing the worlds busiest shipping lane as a sweet smelling river of eroticism and ambiguous television adverts? I really hope so.

Go Seaborne Freight, Go! Let’s see what tomorrow brings. But like a child at Christmas I have peeked at tomorrow’s newspaper headlines and there is more juicy gossip to come involving The British Virgin Islands and Animal Rights activists. You couldn’t make this stuff up.



  1. Oh, Lord. That’s the reality of many contracts – they are being given to a relative/ friend, instead of actual companies.

    A pretty cool photo there. I wish I could see it in color, though.It’s a frozen puddle, right?


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