Friday Fictioneers : Flower Powder

Its that time again as I’m sure many of you already know, thank you Rochelle for setting the Friday Fictioneers up again for this week, I notice the photo is provided by your good self too, so its a Rochelle sandwich with my awful prose in the middle.

So on my marks get set….


Unprecedented rises of atmospheric allergens prompted the International Toxicology Curtailment for Humanity (ITCH) to ban certain practices.

In what many have seen as a long overdue, sensible break from tradition; the Ring-a-Ring-o Roses dance has replaced organic for laminated and removed the need for pockets full of posies. 

Due to irreversibly poor Global air quality in this heightened allergenic age, flower production is restricted, bee numbers are dangerously low, food growth and choice have plummeted, Dances using flowers have been driven underground.

Hay-fever resistant, Morris manned surreptitious Antihistamine labs are popping up in the shadows holding the sufferers to ransom.

Ha!! 100 words on the nose once more!

This rather dystopian tale started off slightly differently but my dog malting continuously and my sneezing continuously led it into an unexpected direction, hope you enjoy people!!



  1. Thank you, I try really hard rather than a stream of consciousness, I’ve kept a theme of kids nursery rhymes, fairy tales, silly poems for my entire FF Life and it gets harder to mine those nuggets within kids fiction, it’s a kind of irrational expectation on my part to carry on!


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