FOWC: Ecstatic

FOWC: Ecstatic


2 things, which today have rendered me far from Ecstatic:

One; the footpath is closed leading down to Dick Brook and the powers that be have made a real effort to stop folks from continuing on their way, this rope I think is meant to scare the wits out of you, eek, the hangman is coming. I managed to just about step over the barrier and gain access back onto the open footpath. I f they don’t want us there they should install a sentry in a gun tower, he or she could sit up a tree like an owl and pick folk off, one by one and throw them in the brook, eventually they’d end up in the bristol Channel and then who knows, the worlds currents are at our bidding, but i’m willing to bet the Arctic, all water flows uphill doesn’t it?

Two: Some one (85% says it was a child) has destroyed the art installation at the south of the woods, a plough tooth, a stone; well shaped and fitted to the plinth upon which it sits and a thin piece of double folded zinc. All Gone! thrown to the field, scattered to the winds. I found the plough tooth, put it back where it belongs and am considering what punishment to inflict on to the petit vandals who had recourse to ruin my second Sunday perambulation (SSP).

You are so lucky, here’s a bonus gripe of which I am less than ecstatic, indeed i’d go as far to say I’m on the verge of being livid. so we’ll call it three

Three: I have a necklace which I wore in India when I first went out there in 1990, I think I bought it in week one, I wore it for years solidly and then one day put it out to pasture slung over a wooden figure from Polynesia. I just tried it on, thinking that it’s about time for a minor mid life crisis, it was either that or I get my ear pierced again. Turns out I’ve got an enormously fat neck now, the necklace is more of a choker,  like a pearl necklace, and I will not be wearing one of those for anyone!



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