March 22nd 2019


It has come to my attention recently that many folk do not actually know what the Ministry of Shrawley Walks is. Many times I am accosted in the street by a fan recognising me from the big branded jumper I am wearing and oversized bowler hat, clown shoes and a pair of silver hot pants.

I have been abducted and kept underground for 2 years in Clithero, knocked on the head and tied to a chair in Leominster, had paint thrown at me in Penistone, tripped over and egged in Twatt.

You know why?

They all wanted to know what The Ministry Of Shrawley Walks is.

Well, in short, it’s a cult. A manipulative persuasive cult which uses robots and big pieces of fruit to brain wash people into accepting the ways of the ministry. A fluffy exterior covers what is a very black evil heart at its centre.

Before you know it, we will have you believing the calling of the thrush is a bird song rather than a hypnotic dream beam sent to transport you to our diabolic lair when you will rest peacefully, reading the scriptures, which of course, are the basis of our beliefs.

Thats about the size of it, a cult, masquerading itself as a legitimate entity, is it or isn’t it?

You decide. And thanks for caring so much my wonderful followers, I’ll see you in my large tent when we have one of those enormous gatherings.


  1. Truly doing this blog was an excercise in improving my writing style as I have done book ideas, however now I fear I have no time for the book and feel I have to service the blog, it has become a thing. Having a full time job and family company to run and a family to care for takes it’s toll time wise, there’s not enough hours in the day!! There’s som good woodland photos on my blog all taken when I walk the dog in the morning. Thanks for stopping by and looking, I know it’s not for everyone and while I think about it really it was just for me! What a tangled web it has become!!😀

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