April 16th 2019

I’m fucking amazed, there seems to be CCTV cameras, or at least one camera monitoring the northern end of the wood where people jettison their dog shit bags into the hedge. Its what I threatened jokingly but it’s happening, all be it a camera full of fakery. N said it wasn’t a working camera, I doubted but it seems the wire from the camera is connected to the tree. So, unless the tree is an electric tree, I doubt it’s recording anything. I will pull a moony tomorrow just to make sure, I learnt tonight that J, the bar manager, took a video of me dancing in the pub on Sunday night, he threatened blackmail however I am the greatest dancer so I see no issue there.

The cameras should be recording the shrewslaughter of, well shrews, as there seems to be an awful lot of this needless bloodshed lately, down in the southern end, maybe due to the fake cameras. The Lynx’s and Tigers are keeping away from the Northern lands preferring to keep their slaughter Southside. Viewers of a nervous disposition turn away now, this poor chap left for dead, as dead with his long nose.


Is it just me or am I the only one cross with the amount of tracksuit wearing in public. Mmm? I saw some kids, on school holidays, draped in black tracksuit and menace. It’s an awful attire which should be confined to the prison yard or the gym. Whatever has happened to jeans and t shirts? The whole fashion world has gone to shit, comfort is important, and don’t get me wrong I dress comfortably but not in a tracksuit. I know and will fully acknowledge it’s my age, but I also know that the 20-teens will be a terrible time for leisure wear stylistically but financially boom time as JD Sports have posted massive profits this year.

Why don’t the kids take more psychedelic drugs and give less of a shit?

I feel I should, I’ve been wearing the same jumper for 4 days, I don’t smell (apart form Jungle Musk) and I feel glorious. Death to the tracksuit. Richard E Grant wouldn’t wear a tracksuit, and that is the barometer I am willing to be judged by.

Family are away this week, for the first few days anyway, I’ve only been in 4 rooms, suits me fine, I’ve watched a whole comedy series called Back to Life, its very gritty, I’ve eaten pasties and noodles, and have been to the pub. I missed the walk on Monday morning due to the fact I had been to the pub on Sunday; woke up at 9;15, 3 hours after I should have, thank god i’ve got a job which allows me to work my hours when i want, or rather accepts me working the hours I want, or rather doesn’t know when i work, but gets the production out of me. Fuck them, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


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