Friday Fictioneers: Frozen Beauties

Bonjour Bon Viveurs; this week Rochelle has decided to keep the club running to my and I’m sure all you other folks delight and thanks also for the perpetually wonderful Dale Rogerson for providing a suitably wintery scene. I’ve been thinking about this for a day or so and not much has come to mind. Its like this every week these days, i’m hitting a wall where there is a well of plots to reap; I just need a bucket to get down there and find my Mojo.

Ok so here goes.

On my marks…

Get set…


Sleeping beauty was asleep for decades before being cryogenically frozen for what seemed like centuries; oblivious to her fate.

Maleficent set about hypnotising all the women she thought prettier than her, before developing an unhealthy obsession in cryonics. The kingdom’s population plummeted. 

The stress of not having a partner was too much for most and when the king offered a substantial reward for solving the Birth Dearth most men developed severe dandruff, scratching their heads as to how they could revive the females.

On the plus side “The Dandruff Drifts of Droop in Dorset” could now be seen from space.

Well, I have no idea where that came from, I’m tired, it’s late and I’m beginning to show off, I think I should go home. 100 words on the nose, but I’m not 100% this is a good thing this week. Hey ho, hope you enjoy!

I shall read a few tonight but am so exhausted i’ll catch up tomorrow and over the weekend.




  1. Dear Shrawley,

    That’s a lot of dandruff. Someone better wake up the pretty women soon or the whole area will be buried. Not to mention the head sores these guys must have from all the scratching. Imaginative story. Another fairy tale…or two…well fractured.



    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well Shrawls, you did manage to pump out one of your twisted fables despite your fatigue… 😉
    Seems the queen has not thought of the fact she’ll have no one to rule if she keeps this up. Plus those streets are getting nasty…


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