FOWC: Wagon

FOWC Wagon


With the European elections coming, I think this Thursday, I’m wondering to my self if I should get involved. Back in the distant past an utterly selfish self important prime minister did something which would break this wonderful country, divide it beyond repair. He asked us a yes or no question;

Leave or Stay? (in Europe in case you’re not aware of the chaotic goings on in the UK)

A black and white question for a multicoloured, multi sexual, multi religious, multi football team supporting, fizzing, exciting melting pot of a country. It wasn’t a question like do you have sugar in your tea or not, the answer being of course,

“No, I don’t!”.

No, this question, however simple sounding has had and is having profound effects on the country, divisions have formed along the Leaver or Remainer lines, but since the question was posed over 2 years ago now, rifts and fissures between the two sides have formed, so Leavers do not agree with Leavers and Remainers, and Remainers do not agree with Leavers. It’s the Leavers who are the problem here, its what they voted for, all be it they were sold a lie.

Yet the leavers disagree with each other about how to leave, what i’s to dot, what t’s to cross. It’s a real mess, and I really do not know what the solution is. We have Extinction Rebellion becoming a potent and welcome peaceful force in London and hopefully spreading across the country, buoyed on by the wonderful Swedish School girl Greta Thunberg. Theres a feeling of chaos and massive disquiet within the populous, from where I’m standing. I feel the politicians, like rabbits in the headlights, know not which way to look, in the desperate attempt to save their own political lives. But now the wave of malcontent which is spreading across the country feels different and it highlights the politicians for what many of them are as they prepare to jump this way or that, trying to decide which band wagon they should align them selves with. Which opinion will save my wretched political skull? The people can see through the lies and honesty, no matter how painful, I believe will prevail in the future; hard decisions will have to be made.

Those sickening bastards, who do not give a shit about us, the future, our children. I do not believe a two party system can possibly be right, you’re not either blue or red, life doesn’t work like that, the world has got complicated, more so than we understand, and to trivialise and simplify it with just 2 main choices is ludicrous. We are none of us just black or white, none of us either just male or female anymore. Freedom is coming,  exciting and potentially scary times for us all lie ahead, but we can not hide anymore as David Attenborough said only last week in a fabulous documentary, “We have just 10 years left to change things to save our planet from potential catastrophic climate change”, a sobering thought no less.


    • I totally agree, we need to have some sort of cross party coalition made up of not just politicians but representatives of the common man/ woman. Its bonkers that some of these folks have no idea how much a pint of milk is to buy.


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