May 14th 2019


As a non believer in fairy tales and fables I love going into Churches to see what sort of snacks are on offer and if they have any decent tunes on the man-organ. This church is no exception, with beautiful stained glass advertising and tea and coffee making facilities, not to mention a water cooler for the more informal moments of the services. Under the organ were some camp beds ready for you if you’ve had a long day or been up all night dancing round a fire and smoking with Mephistopheles. There’s even biscuits for when you have the munchies, but please do not smoke in the church as there are very rare and beautiful box pews from the C17th which shield the parishioner from the priest or vicar and allow them to pick their feet of scratch their nuts, smoking may cause a fire.

Guess where I was today? Give up? I was in Wroxeter, the Roman City just a few miles from Telford (not a Roman City) and below the Wrekin, of which not much remains aside from a short stretch of wall which was part of the baths and also a church; post Roman but with some stone work stolen from the Romans as it was rock solid and very well put together. The church was  beautifully old and had many extensions and add ons in its life and now the Church is also set aside for camping parties who wish to stay over.

It’s a case of Christianity keeping it modern, keeping it street, I bet theres been a few shenanigans  underneath the watchful eyes of these cats under the organ in that building.


I had a work meeting which involved meeting at least 4 people who I have never met before, on a scale of exciting i’d give it a “Slightly Exciting” Our new Boss was bland and his Boss came to show that he cares about us, I think he just came to make sure my new boss didn’t let any cats out of any bags or say anything which could be misconstrued or misunderstood. As a man once said to me, after I’d spent 10 minutes explaining to him and his mates exactly how the equipment I was using worked and exactly what I was doing,

“Its all a Load of old Bollocks”

Thanks, that makes me feel special, maybe our superiors feel the same way, problem is they’ve lost the dressing room, the solution is to buy us all luxury cars or change the manager. We shall watch this space with feigned interest for anyone who wants to keep up and in the loop.

The yellow flower may be a Yellow Archangel and this tune is an absolute belter, I have no idea who the lady is, which makes it all the more mysterious.


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