May 15th 2019


Let me think what happened today, well we discussed funerals and how awful we all, the ministry, think they are. Although through this depressing chat came the subject of food at funerals and in the hotels in the lead uptown fiunerals, especially a fine cooked breakfast and mixed prawn and smoked salmon sandwiches at the event. In fact one of our party noted that as families become more transient and fractured, one can stand on the edge of a funeral crowd, look around at the groups of people and wonder who the hell some are. Distant relatives, second wives, husbands, lost step children or even freeloader who like a good dirge; professional mourners, an actual thing. People who trawl the obituaries in the papers positively looking for funerals to gatecrash, for the food possibly, maybe for the fashions, maybe to try and pull. Who knows? Now’t so queer as folk.

After dropping and disabling my vape machine a few months ago, and coping very nicely without either vape or cigarette for some time. I then went camping and one thing led to another, which in addict speak means I bought some tobacco, twice. It’s impossible to buy small packs of tobacco now, only massive packs; they last so long. So after the original rush of a few days of really quite enjoying the fags, then comes the days of going off them and then the self loathing and the wishing i’d never bought them the 2 Saturdays past. The wheezing and the feeling weak, below peak fitness (lets face it, i’m not talking Daley Thompson standard) and so I thought to myself I should get back on the vape, I know its shit, I know its probably not good for me but I know I feel better having that over roll ups. So I have, watch this space, soon i’ll tire of fizzy lemonade children targeted flavours and jack it all in again until the next 40th or wedding or 50th or funeral. I need to be locked up, like Potter, under the stairs, for my own benefit.

The FOTD yesterday is  possibly wild sage, thank you Dr S, here is what he told me, and I stand corrected, this is an abridged version with the best bits left in.

  • Dr S calls his work lab the Labbotomy (joke)
  • Could be Wild Sage or Wild Clary.
  • A weed or ruderal, is only a plant in the wrong place.
  • If the ruderal is not transplanted into the woodland then it is a specimen at home in its surroundings, not dissimilar to us 4, the ministry.
  • The reason there are such a lot of flowering plants in the spring and early winter is due to the presence of light on the woodland floor, when summer comes the canopy is thick with leaves and thus less light, thus less variety and more brambles, creatures of the darkness.

So there you go, here endeth the lesson, thank you to Dr S for his insight. Don’t say you don’t learn anything here.

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