May 21st 2019

Politicians don’t seem to be able to agree on Brexit, the far right are having really expensive milkshakes thrown on them as they conduct their hateful walkabouts, the people in charge of HS2 are blaming hot weather rather than the fact they didn’t water them, for the death of 70% of trees forming a green corridor either side of the controversial train line. Yet again no one seems to take responsibility for their actions, this is a recurring theme as I get older or maybe i’m misreading the situation, maybe I myself have fallen into the cynical generation, despising everything and not trusting anyone; God that sounds like a daily mail reader.

In rather sad news I had my score trebled by my 10 year son playing Chor-da-Di or Chinese poker this evening, for the uninitiated and non competitors in the several world cups held internationally in Wales and England, that means he managed to put all his cards down without me laying one, thus I was left with 13 cards, my score was tippled and we (the CDD committee) advised this to be called “Being sent to Tripoli” There are of course variations on the theme such as “Holidaying in Libya”, all this sung with a generic ditty which we thought sounded Libyan.

I missed Sunday Fungi and Fungi Monday , so it’ll have to be Mycota Tuesday, so this is for you Mycota fans, a dried specimen I found on the path today, there was a ripple of some approval on the walk today but no more than that really, I was expecting more of a reaction from C due to her love of all things Eukaryotic, but maybe the heat is getting to everyone a little bit, honestly British people in Hot weather. N is really hammering the jokes which we have to either ask to understand or chose to ignore due to the poor quality. I think maybe a break and maybe a week long refresher course might do him good.


To me this looks like a sponge or a coral, which of course would be madness unless of course Shrawley was once underwater, a while back, not just last Christmas either, I’m taking way way back in the midsts of time, this could be a dubious fact of the day, which would need confirming or otherwise by someone with authority in such things, if anyone knows anybody, please let me know. Dr S would probably have a decent idea.

With the state of our country in mind I thought this may be an apt tune to end the evening with; Talking Heads, Road to Nowhere:

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