Faces in Things

This one isn’t immediately obvious, but N’s mind works in truly mysterious ways, this was his which he picked out this morning on the way to Shrawley Henge, (see previous post for excitement).

The old man of the forrest I guess you could call this fella, its almost like one of those magic eye pictures, you may need to squint to get it, indeed you might (as I did) never be able to get it. Still makes me sad, I was bullied for the lack of skill in viewing the magic eye pictures, was I? Nah, it’s a fad which thankfully I had no interest in, probably because I couldn’t do it, but who’s laughing now eh? As Mr Magic Eye floats around his pool in an inflatable swan, his eyes permanently squinted and having to wear dark glasses all the time to cover up, like Peters from Peters and Lee, except he was blind and I expect Magic Eye man/woman is probably too.

Check this out.


Next week see how Mr DIY Bodgit (me) and my 10 year old son make inroads into building a decking area for the family to enjoy a grand vantage point over the garden, this one will run and run, expect photos and complaints.

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