Seaweed Sunday

In the absence of moisture and therefore any fungus this month, Ive had to postpone the highly anticipated (on a weekly basis) “Fungi Sunday”. I think I just got too excited by the whole idea of it, the rhythm of the words and the timbre of the woodlands at this time of year that I hadn’t thought the concept through and will now re-introduce it back in the the autumn, where the quality of Fungi is far superior. C will be very pleased and no doubt will be populating her diary for September/October time, “Must remember Fungi Sunday”;  the highlight of her week.

So the brief trip to the seaside, Bovisand, to be precise, has filled me with inspiration and so for one Sunday, unless I move to Devon next week, which is doubtful, will be called Seaweed Sunday. Enjoy.


One of the highlights of the brief holiday in Devon was chasing my son around the rocks with seaweed, he doesn’t trust seaweed. We did however, on our little chases, manage to find a stranded jellyfish, purply blue in a rock pool, the one time I didn’t take my phone out so you’ll have to take my word for it and let me paint you a picture with my words.

It doesn’t look anything like a fish, and you wouldn’t serve it up at a children’s party. You wouldn’t want to touch it or be in the same area as it. It is an animal cloaked in negatives, best kept in its natural environment with the sun shining onto it, or in a tank with different coloured lights shining through its opalescence.


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